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OUR Sauces

Tomato Meat Sauce simmered for hours with secret ingredients. Just like Nonna would make.

Classic tomato cream sauce that pairs well with any type of pasta.

Classic fresh tomato sauce with fresh garlic and basil

A delicious vegan option with white beans, fresh garlic and diced tomatoes. A favourite of ours and pairs well with Tagliatelle Ricce.

Fresh broccoli and mild Italian sausage cooked together with a hint of spice to create the best cure for vegetarianism. Great with bucatini.

Spicy tomato sauce with a kick from fresh grown chilis.

Tomato sauce, with vodka, heavy cream and cheese. Delicious with Rigatoni, Cassarece or any other short pasta. 

Roasted red peppers are blended with tomato sauce and cream to create a velvety sauce with a hint of roasted peppers.

Savoury sauce made with fresh basil, pine nuts, cheese and oil, pounded together in a mortar.

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