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What's my guilty pleasure?

Surprise - it's pasta!


Since I was old enough to pull on my Muhma's (great-grandmother's) skirt, I've asked for it - craved it - wanted second (and third) helpings of it. I'd even smuggle it off my Nonna's plate... 

Watching my Nonna and Muhma over the years (and Sunday meals), I learned how to mix the flour and eggs, knead the dough into perfect little balls and roll it out over every square inch of the kitchen before twisting, twirling and cutting it into any shape you can imagine.

Now it's finally time to share all of that deliciousness with you! Using family recipes from the past five generations (with my own tweaks), we hope you get a chance to share the joy of fresh pasta and sauces with your family.  So grab a bowl and give a taste to your new guilty pleasure 

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